Monday, 3 August 2020

Linga Mudra

Linga Mudra (Mudra Of Heat)

This mudra contributes to the burning of extra fat in the body, which helps to lose weight. This mudra increases the heat in the body that helps alleviate the cold. Linga mudra is helpful in treating chills and chills due to your intolerance to cold weather or hypothermia.

How to do Linga Mudra:-
  • The Linga Mudra is often performed while standing up or seated.
  • Bring both hands in front of your body and clasp them so that the fingers are intertwined.
  • Ensure that the left thumb is pointing vertically upwards and encircle it with the thumb and index of the proper hand.
  • Hold this posture for 15 minutes while inhaling and exhaling normally.

Benefits of Linga Mudra:-
  • Use this mudra to combat the common cold.
  • You can use the Linga Mudra to assist in weight loss.
  • Boost your system with this mudra, and you'll resist infections and colds all the seasons.
  • This mudra can loosen and relieve phlegm in your throat.
  • If you have a chronic cough or cold, this mudra can help with your systems.
  • The Linga Mudra increases strength within the body and invigorates users.

Precaution of Linga Mudra:-
  • Practice it any time you want. But don’t practice it tons because it produces heat within the body.
  • A person with a bilious temperament should not use it.
  • High blood pressure patients should not use.
  • A person with an abdomen tumor should not use it.
  • Do not raise the right thumb it generates heat very soon.

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