Friday, 17 July 2020

How to do naukasana

Naukasana or Navasana widely known as the Boat Pose is a great pose for strengthening the core. The Sanskrit name Naukasana derives from two words, the first Nauka which means the boat and the second Asana which means posture. In this asana, the whole body appears to be shaped like a boat and is fully balanced on the buttocks. It gives an intense stretch to the abdomen and strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen. There are many other benefits of Naukasana, but first of all, let's start by knowing the steps to practice Naukasana.

Naukasana Pose

How to do this:-
  • Lie on your back. Keep both arms straight near the body.
  • Then lift both legs up towards the ceiling.
  • Then lift the upper body.
  • Bring both hands in front of the feet and focus your eyes on the feet.
  • Stay in this posture as long as possible. Then slowly return to normal.

The benefits of Naukasana:-
  • A great stress reliever.
  • It helps to reduce belly fats. 
  • It is also quite beneficial in hernia disease.
  • Practicing this asana increases the digestive power and reproductive system.
  • Very good for diabetic patients.

Prequation of Naukasana:-
  • Avoid straining the body beyond the limits as it may cause back pain or injury.
  • Avoid practicing this asana during periods or at least during the first two days of every month’s menstrual cycle.
  • People suffering from any of this condition should avoid practicing this asana: High or low blood pressure, ulcer, joint pain, migraine, insomnia, heart disease, asthma, or spinal disorders.

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